Welcome to the site! This is where I compile all my "art" stuff. The music, articles, literature and resource links and such. All our original music is free of charge for your use. If you like the material feel free to contribute to the cause. (Thank you!) We hope the music lightens your load or brightens your day a little bit more as you take it in.

The idea for this site is to deliver the most important words and music to advance the human condition. That is a lofty goal but if we all just did a little it can change a lot! You matter to the big picture so do your part by sharing your smile or a kind word; you'll be surprised how much it matters to others.

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This Phoenix Project has been years in the making and getting closer to completion. I do have one or two more songs I’d like to do for it but we’ll see. Along with the audio tracks I’ll be doing some writing for it. It’ll include the background stories for each song, a short article connected to their meanings and purposes of each song and of course the lyrics. I hope to do some simple videos for every song so I can YouTube them for you as well. You can hear some of the songs from this project already at the music tab. Stand by for more concerning this project.

After this one is done I hope to again collaborate with my buddy Scott Nysse on some new stuff. He’s been working on some nice riffs that I think can be great new rockers! Cross your fingers. It’s been about 20 years for Scott and me.



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