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This is the spot where I dump most of my "art". The music, articles, literature and resource links are either on this site or linked to it. I stopped charging for the stuff late last year and it's still free for you now! Donations are very much appreciated however for sure! I love making the stuff when I can and I hope it lightens your load or brightens your day a little bit more as you take it in. I'll post a few articles from time to time here as I feel the need to so be looking for those too. I'll add fun links or great resource links on the last page too so stop by there for a second.

Coming real soon! My latest work called On The Edge. Many of the songs are here already but the rest of the project will be done very soon! It’s a package of songs, videos and stories all themed around hurts and healing.  I have been working on this one for five years and am ready to be completed with it. After that we’ll see what’s next so stay tuned in!

The idea for this site is to deliver the most important words and music to advance the human condition. That is a lofty goal but if we all just did a little it can change a lot! You matter to the big picture so do your part by sharing your smile or a kind word; you'll be surprised how much it matters to others.

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I’ve started writing the last song for the Phoenix Project. The whole record is going to be ready in a couple months with all the full stories and lyrics behind every song and some simple videos so we can get them up on Youtube as well. This last song is called Hay! Play! A fast, celebrative, rocker, short and sweet! Maybe sweet isn’t the right word for it. Regardless, I've been Facebook posting audio samples from each steps progress so you can see a song come out of a man's brain and how this one gets processed out. It's going to be fun!


Sample Song and simple video from Phoenix - CLICK HERE!

O, get headphones on and crank it up! Or just Crank it anyways!

You can download the MP3 from the Music tab. or stream it from the mini music player at the top left of every page.


Excerpted from the coming full release of the new record



...I started writing this project a long time ago. In the stage of my mind I dreamed of this as a Rock Opera with all the bells and whistles like lights, smoke, characters portraying the people in the songs, dancers…

...an awe inspiring project that leaves one challenged, pondering eternity, opens doors for help and redemption from all the world can through at us to destroy and kill us. Well, the stage production is on hold but here is the project regardless...

...I hope people can relate to each piece and somehow find some parts that lift their souls to a better, happier level...

...It brings together all my personal struggles and the “life wars” that all my friends had and may be still going through. This is no piece of fiction but raw, open nerve truths of people in real struggles with great pain that eventually all find real hope in God, in His ability for fix and heal like nothing or no one else can. Jesus Is The Lord!